Strata Bill in Arrears

(A customer support story)

A massive bill in arrears, threatening legal action for the non-payment of strata management fees in the first year of your ownership of a new investment property is not a pleasant thing. Fortunately for these investors they purchased through the PIE ‘Investment Program’ and we were able to assist.

Towards the end of 2014 Peter Noble (Customer Relations Manager for PIE) received phone calls and emails from several PIE clients indicating that they had received a massive invoice in arrears for Strata bills unpaid for 6 months. Naturally many of our clients indicated they were concerned about being able to manage the cash-flow required in one hit and if the bill was legally due.

Upon investigation it eventually became clear that there was an error by the conveyancers who had not advised the Strata Management of the change of ownership. The strata bills were thus indeed valid but had accumulated over the 6 months or more; being sent to the Vendor (The Property Developer) whose administration did not recognise them as valid and did not act until the threat of legal action was raised. It was the Vendor who then advised the Strata Corporation of the change of ownership and they in turn simply redirected the bills in arrears to the Landlords with very little in the way of explanation.

As per PIE’s ongoing support policy, Peter Noble was able to investigate this matter fully to get the required clarity and then go even further to raise this matter with the Strata Management directly and on behalf of our clients. As a result Peter was able to negotiate a payment plan to spread the cost much to the relief of our concerned clients.