Guiding Clients to a better lifestyle NOT “flogging property”.

Imagine our Client’s surprise when both their Property Consultant and their Finance Consultant suggested a smaller Investment might suit them better than a large one?

Ian and Deborah first investigated their options through the PIE Process several years ago and but then decided that the time wasn’t quite right for them to invest.  After a couple of years they decided it was time to reopen the investigation and gave us a call.

During their Property Consultation it was determined that they could comfortably afford a property worth $450,000. Fortunately for Ian and Deb however they had two of our most experienced consultants; Finance Consultant, Carl Noutz from Aussie Home Loans Glenelg and Property Consultant Andrew Dudson from LJ Hooker Projects Adelaide; because during their consultation it became apparent that Ian and Deb had some unfinished renovations to their own Home.

Carl related the moment when Deb mentioned this fact. “When Deb told us of how their renovations to their bathroom and rear pergola were unfinished, Andrew and I looked at each other and we both knew it wasn’t going to work if they used all of their lending capacity for investment.  An investment needs to work for your lifestyle not just your capacity to borrow. Sure we could have just kept along the line of investigation we were on and they probably would have felt good purchasing a large, good investment for around $450,000, but we know from long experience that the shine would come off quickly when they would be stuck with the unfinished renovations for years until they were able to refinance again.”

So instead, Andrew (Property Consultant) helped them find a smaller, cash-rich investment property that will assist them pay down their home mortgage quicker, which enabled Carl to allow monies to complete their renovations, which in turn will also bring up the capital value of their home. In this way, not only will they have a better lifestyle but, with all things considered, they should have the capacity to invest again sooner.