As you may or may not be aware, the government ceased awarding any allocations for new NRAS properties in 2015. If you already own an NRAS investment property this will not affect you, the scheme will continue for the 10 years as per your NRAS agreement.

What is NRAS?

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a Government Scheme which provides the investor with a tax free financial incentive of more than $100,000 over 10 years.

To participate in the scheme, your brand new investment property must be rented out at least 20% below market rate. In return you will receive the NRAS Incentive annually for 10 years. This tax free NRAS incentive is paid annually and is indexed to the rental component of the CPI.

Originally $8000 tax free per annum at NRAS inception, it has grown substantially since then.

NRAS is not a public housing program. It is a tax incentive to induce more private investment in the lower price range of the residential construction market.

PIE are NRAS Specialists

PIE underwent many years of due diligence in the various NRAS Management Platforms (NMP’s) having being involved with NRAS since before its release in April 2009.

PIE continues to offer ongoing assistance to their clients who purchased NRAS properties

Current NRAS Availability.

The government’s NRAS Scheme has given property investors a huge advantage in cash flow over traditional property investing.

There are still occasionally NRAS properties that become available for sale, typically we see these become available because:

  • A developer has not yet released/finished a project
  • Final Finance approval has failed due to change of a clients circumstance
  • An investor has had to sell their investment i.e. due to illness, divorce or moving overseas.

When these properties become available we are often the first to know, these NRAS properties sometimes do not stay on the market for more than 48 hours, there are many people looking for NRAS properties as they have become quite a commodity. Unfortunately for our clients; we do not always get a chance to inform them quick enough and other investors snap them up; this is why we have put together this NRAS availability list to send to our client as opportunities arise.

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