Property Investment Educators (PIE) are the experts in creating personalised Investment Packages, tailored to suit your individual needs and financial circumstances.

  • You do not purchase from us
  • You do not pay for our service
  • You pay the same price as if you went the builder or vendor directly
  • They pay us for the privilege of introducing you.

The PIE ‘Investment Program’ works as a ‘Buyers Advocacy’ in that we find the best possible investing options for our clients at time of purchase, using independent service providers to maintain competitiveness and transparency.

Our success comes from making our clients able to invest again sooner.


Why Choose PIE

Quite simply, you cannot get the results we achieve for our clients. For every potential purchase we provide access to the following:

  • Vast knowledge and experience that accompanies and guides each purchase of investment property.
  • Massive buying power applied to each building construction and land purchase.
  • All calculations and assumptions in the ’PIE Investment Program’ are conservative and transparent.
  • Access to the largest range of National Rental Affordability Scheme Management Platforms (more on NRAS)
Whether you are a first time property investor or an experienced one, Property Investment Educators’ unique investment program will show you the most effective ways to acquire investment property.

New Property Investors.

For the new investor the PIE Process turns what can be a complex and daunting prospect into a guided investigation in which every possible consideration is addressed and optimised.

Our program can allow you to maximise the benefits of an investment property.

Experienced Property Investors.

For the experienced investors it mainly comes down to the fact that they cannot achieve the buying power we provide access to.

Experienced investors will also recognise and value the comprehensive nature of our investigation and robustness of our conservative costing.

Time Poor Investors

As a “Buyers Advocacy” perhaps the greatest value our program brings is the leveraging of our client’s time. To find an outstanding investment opportunity on your own can take many frustrating hours of investigation.

Our suite of independent services will save you time and hassle whilst being transparent throughout.


The PIE Process

The PIE Investment Program finds or creates Investment Property structured to your needs by application of the PIE Process…

An interactive investigation of your options for investing.

The purpose of the PIE Process is to investigate your situation with you, highlight the relevant considerations and offer a range of solutions to achieve your goals, and then efficiently deliver your chosen investment so that it exceeds your expectations

The first two main considerations are

“What do you want the investment property to do for your situation?”
“What holding cost would suit your current financial situation.”

The PIE Process seeks to guide each client through an investigation to ultimately present the most suitable property investment options. In doing this, many factors are considered. These include but are not limited to; the clients income and tax position, their equity and or deposit  capacity as well as how much they can comfortably afford to put towards a new property investment on a weekly basis.

The PIE Process in more detail

How we assist you to identify the ideal investment for your situation.

Most people purchase investment property without being aware of all the considerations. Indeed most people consider only two things. Firstly, what they can borrow, and secondly, where they think constitutes a good area for investing. We would call this an uninformed decision as there are many other considerations to purchasing an investment property such as:

  • Is the cash flow/holding cost going to manageable for us?
  • Does the location indicate potential for Capital Growth?
  • Does the location indicate ongoing demand for tenants?
  • Size and type of building and inclusions (including long term maintenance implications, tax effectiveness and tenant friendliness)?
  • Is it true turn-key delivery?
  • Is the time frame of building going to suit our tax needs?
  • Do the financial structures allow us to invest again?
  • Is the depreciation reporting the best we can get?
  • Is the Property Management going to perform or should we manage it ourselves?
  • Tax implications and cash flow optimisation?
  • Which NRAS Management Platform gives us the options we want?

Most importantly, as our client, the primary considerations are YOUR needs and goals. Always through our program YOUR time frame and YOUR desires come first.


The PIE Process has 5 Steps

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Initial Consultation
  • We get to tell you more about what we do.
  • With your permission we determine if your situation allows for Property Investing presently.
  • You find more about what we do and decide if you wish to investigate further.
  • There are financial realities to investing. So we take the time to conduct a ‘Personal Assessment’ to determine whether we can assist you at the present.


Property Consultation Day
  • We determine your options for Investing, explaining the advantages and disadvantages.
  • We provide options based on YOUR choices.
  • Not all clients fit the same mould. We recognise that what suits one client may not suit another.
  • Some clients may have multiple investment strategy options. The PIE Process also empowers our clients to decide which investing option to take first.
  • We include ALL the costs and conservative assumptions in all of our calculations. In this way we determine what each potential investment property would conservatively cost YOU to manage on a weekly basis.
  • We give you a documented summary of each investment opportunity to enable you to get independent financial advice BEFORE you purchase.
  • At no stage through the PIE Process is there an obligation to purchase (until you have signed a contract; intending to move forward).
  • Once short listed, the various options are presented with a documented summary outlining what each potential Investment Property is going to cost you on a weekly basis before you purchase. The calculations for this are totally inclusive of all costs associated with holding the property as an ongoing concern. Nothing is overlooked. This documentation allows our clients to seek independent advice regarding the investment (typically from their Accountant) before a financial commitment is made.



Delivery of Investment
  • We aim to exceed your expectations.
  • ‘Exceeding your expectations’ includes your experience of the ‘PIE Process’, the delivery of your chosen product and the ongoing holding cost of the investment.
  • The ‘PIE Investment Program’ provides complete choice of all offered services and product.
  • The ‘PIE Investment Program’ utilises independent services to make investing in property as efficient and effective as possible.
Repeat Client Process
  • We empower our clients to become multiple property purchasers.
  • The education and structures available through the PIE Process empower our clients to set up a Secure Retirement that is financially independent of the government.
  • We have an active and exciting repeat client program. There is no obligation to our repeat client program. We aim to gain your repeat business by virtue of our service.

I’m Interested. What do I do now?