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The stories we collect from our clients are the most enduring legacy of the service we consistently aim to provide.

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    We do not expect you to write testimonials for every section!

    Have a read through the suggestions, choose areas you feel particularly passionate about and write those. If you feel inspired to write only one then that’s great! If the mood strikes and you answer more than one, or even all of them, more power to you! 😀

  • Your journey in your own words.
    • Has your experience been really quick and painless?
    • Did you have a rocky start but maybe PIE or LJ Hooker Projects was able to step in and give the assistance or clarity that made a difference?
    • Have you purchased before; from another organisation or on your own? How was the PIE ‘Investment Program’ superior?
    • What was the part of your journey that most stood out to you?
  • Your Initial Consultation (Property Investment Educators).
    • Do you remember right back to the time you sat with your PIE Consultant?
    • Maybe in the comfort of your home or perhaps you came to our office?
    • Was the Consultant who sat with you particularly good at answering your questions?
  • Your Property Consultation (LJ Hooker Projects Adelaide)
    • Did you have a typical “PC Day” where you sat with a finance consultant and then the Property Consultant and then went to view some options?
    • Did you start not even considering property interstate but by the end of your “PC Day” you were ready to put down a deposit and take an option off the market?
  • Your Challenges
    • Was there a mistake, a challenge, a stuff up where PIE or LJHPA stepped up and really made the difference with their support?
    • Was there an individual in particular who has made the difference in your experience?