Have you wondered what your Investment is really costing you to manage?
Would you like to know what your Investment is going to cost you for the year ahead?
Do you feel your property could be doing more for your situation?

If any of the above ring true then I would encourage you to take advantage of a…

Health Check

The primary purpose of a ‘Health Check’ is to ensure you are getting the greatest advantage from your Investment.

  • From your perspective a Health Check allows you to project the holding cost of
    your property portfolio for the year ahead so you can budget accordingly.
  • For us a Health Check appointment creates a forum to get feedback on your
    experience of our program and the opportunity to address any concerns or
    problems you have encountered.
Please Note: as an existing Client of the PIE ‘Investment Program’ there is no cost to a Health Check and there is no obligation to do anything.

Optional Extras:

At your discretion, a Health Check can also include some or all of the following:

  • Discuss the implications of a PAYG Variation (PAYG Withholding Variation Application):
    • Is a PAYG Variation right for us?
    • Compare what will the property cost us with and without a PAYG Variation?
    • Do we have to claim all of the Tax Credit with a PAYG Variation?
  • Determine when you are in a position to consider your next Investment Property:
    • Revisit “leverage” with a view to a correctly structured portfolio.
    • Discuss the advantages of diversification in a portfolio.
  • Discuss any of the other Property Investing strategies that interest you:
    • “Personalised Property Developing”
    • “Investing your Superannuation into ‘Bricks and Mortar’”

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